What are the EDM4S anti-drone guns that the Armed Forces will receive

The Lithuanian authorities purchased 110 EDM4S Sky Wiper anti-drone guns for the Ukrainian army. The cost of the party is 1.5 million EUR. Lithuanian journalist A. Tapinas announced this on Twitter.


According to him, a batch of anti-drone guns is being prepared for shipment to Ukraine. Sky Wiper devices are manufactured in Lithuania. They will be distributed among the soldiers of 35 Ukrainian military units. The guns were called “Orc Killers”. Tapinas stressed that the English writer D. Tolkien would certainly approve of this title.

EDM4S anti-drone guns are manufactured by NTServices, which has a Lithuanian registration. They are designed to disable the UAV by suppressing control signals. The weight of one gun is six kilograms. Thus, it is completely mobile.

Every armed conflict has its own characteristics. Military experts called the confrontation between the Russian Federation and Ukraine “a war of drones and artillery.” In this regard, the importance of means of suppressing enemy drones can hardly be overestimated. The occupier is already experiencing a shortage of aircraft. Since the beginning of the invasion, the Russian army has lost more than 500 drones in Ukraine. Soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine “land” Russian drones almost every day. After the delivery of a new batch of anti-drone guns, the rate of losses by the enemy of their drones will increase markedly.

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