What can only one glass of water with soda and who is especially useful

Soda is known for its beneficial properties, but how useful is it to take it on an empty stomach, as is often written and spoken today? We understand the medical details of the issue in our material.

There are many useful folk recipes for health improvement on the Internet, and soda is not the last on this list. Whether it is safe and who will not be harmed by sodium bicarbonate – we tell together with family doctor Petryk Mykhailo Vdymovych.
About acidity and alkalization from the point of view of science

There are many recommendations for soda. It is attributed to many useful properties: from teeth whitening to salvation from cancer. One of the most common recommendations for soda – alkalizing the body.
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It is no secret that different organs of our body have different levels of acidity or pH. But it varies in about the same range, if the body is healthy and the person does not poison it by using toxic substances. There are also diseases that change the pH level. For example, poisoning that causes diarrhea, huge and sudden loss of nutrients. In this case, the level of blood acidity changes, as a consequence – the whole body, which can lead to irreversible consequences.
Does taking a soda solution help

In fact, taking bicarbonate affects the acidity of the whole body. Soda solution can change only the pH of the gastric environment. More precisely, its reception neutralizes hydrochloric acid, as a result carbon dioxide and water are allocated. It is beneficial.

The only thing you can find out while taking a soda solution is whether you have low stomach acidity. After a glass of water with soda, find out how long it took you to get carbon dioxide (through belching or nose). If the event occurred more than 30-40 seconds, this is a reason to consult a specialist for diagnosis and work to adjust the acidity of the stomach.
Doctor’s recommendations

You should not play games with your body and use “magic” solutions with unproven action. Much more useful:

Drinking just clean water, which has no contraindications – and this is a scientifically proven fact;
Balance your diet so that you have all the necessary macronutrients;
Include in your diet plenty of green foods, especially leafy vegetables, which perfectly leach the body and bring a lot of vitamins and trace elements

Use soda for other purposes, not to heal the body, because in this case it is almost useless.

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