What is Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s net worth and how did they meet when the show first aired?

Chris and Rosie Ramsey just made their first TV debut following the success of their comedy podcast Sh**ged. Marry. Get angry. followed by a live tour

Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s careers are going from strength to strength, and they just celebrated the premiere of their new series The Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show on BBC Two on 16 May.

Chris, 35, is a comedian, actor and presenter, while his wife, Rosie, 36, is also a presenter in her own right. The star pair’s cast has skyrocketed following the release of their hugely popular podcast, Sh**ged. Marry. Get angry.

It first premiered in 2019 and currently has a total of 58 million downloads and 100 million listeners, making it one of the most popular podcasts in the UK.

Both hail from South Shields in the North East of England, where they still live between appearances on Strictly Dancing and Taskmaster.

What is Chris and Rosie Ramsey’s net worth?

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Chris and Rosie Ramsey share a net worth of between £5-10 million, according to Otakukart although this has not been confirmed.

The two certainly know how to spend their money, as they’ve just bought themselves a lavish £1.5 million mansion.

Set in a rural village just outside of their hometown in South Shields, the six-bedroom home has beautiful gardens and even a library.

They live there with their two children, Robin and Rafe.

How did Chris and Rosie Ramsey meet?

The couple first met in their teens, before they both attended the same university.

In 2012, the two of them had a chance meeting in a nightclub and immediately fell in love.

At that time, Rosie was already a singer of a girl group while Chris was just starting her career.

Speaking to Living North, Rosie explained: “Chris and I have known each other since we were 14.

“We went to different schools, played on the same street, and then we went to the same university.

“So we have always known each other. Then we met on a night out and it all started from there, the rest is history.”

The Chris and Rosie Ramsey Show is available to watch on BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.


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