What is Samsung Free and how to turn it off on your smartphone

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Samsung Free is a free service from a Korean manufacturer that collects content for its users. The application, pre-installed on various models of the brand, brings together articles, videos, podcasts and even games.

The Bixby Home replacement app can be found to the left of the home screen of a Samsung smartphone. To access it, simply swipe the screen on the right to activate the application, giving the phone user all the personalized offers.

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How to turn off Samsung Free on your smartphone

However, using the app is optional: it’s actually quite simple and easy to turn off Samsung Free on your phone. If you no longer use Samsung Daily or Bixby Home and don’t want to use alternative services, or you’re just not interested in a free channel, just use one of the following deactivation methods. Remember that the procedure for reactivating the program is the same.

Method 1:

Pinch your fingers on the home screen.
Swipe left on the screen and on the Samsung Free panel, turn off the display switch in the upper right corner.

Method 2:

Enter the Settings program.
Go to the Home Screen tab.
Turn off “Add media page to home screen” (Samsung free).

Although it is an interesting feature and is able to provide information and personalized content to users of the brand’s devices, it is obvious that some users do not want to use the application.

If you are also not interested, by following the tips above, you can get rid of Samsung Free and stop receiving notifications from the app easily.

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