The crypto community deceived the hacker and returned the stolen NFTs

The crypto community World of Solana (WOS) tracked down and returned some of the NFTs stolen for resale. Digital art objects were redeemed for only 2% of the cost assigned by the attacker.

It all started with a hack on the Discord channel of the cross-chain game development studio Uncharted NFT. The scammers managed to empty 109 user wallets and steal more than 150 SQL tokens, as well as 25 World of Solana (WOS) non-fungible tokens (NFTs), including 3 rare and highly valuable digital collectibles.

After the hack, the WOS community came up with the perfect plan to bring back NFTs by increasing royalties on stolen non-fungible tokens to 98% from the traditional 5%.

Two days later, the attacker put all 25 NFTs up for sale on the platform. Members of World of Solana were able to redeem 15 items from him, the remaining 10 were bought by another user.

Later, a message was sent to this buyer stating that he had purchased the stolen items and would not be able to sell them. The user was offered a refund and agreed to help get the NFT back.

There are over 2000 different heroes in World of Solana. The most expensive avatar currently sells for 123 SOL ($5,600). The collection’s current minimum price is 2.03 SOL.

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