What’s best for your smartphone: shutdown or reboot

There is a simple question that does not have as obvious an answer as one would like: “Which is better, turn off the smartphone or restart it?” Most users may think that there is little difference between these processes, so the reboot process is an exception followed by an instant inclusion. In practice, everything turns out somewhat differently and these processes should be separated. By overloading the smartphone, the user clears the cache and memory, speeds up the mobile device. The system cache and power supply of all elements of the device does not stop. For this reason, the reboot process is much faster than turning it off and on.

By turning off your smartphone completely, you unplug all the batteries, and when you boot, the Android operating system tests various system components at the system level. Additionally, it should be noted that when you turn it on, the battery charge level is determined again, which leads to a kind of calibration of the battery. In case of any errors in the work, it is recommended to turn off the smartphone for a couple of minutes, then download it “from scratch”. What is better for a smartphone? If your gadget is working normally and does not cause complaints, we recommend that you reboot about once every 2-3 days, and turn off and turn on your smartphone about once a week.

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