Tim Draper: Female investors will drive BTC bull market

Tim Draper predicts a rise in the price of bitcoin to $250,000. Such explosive growth is possible with a jump in demand in the market. To do this, retailers must integrate cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, which will lead to an increase in interest from women who are little involved in this market.

Women control 80 percent of retail spending, he says, and their use of BTC to buy things will drive up its price:

“One thing that will most likely happen – but I’m not sure when – is that women will start using BTC. Previously, out of 14 BTC holders, only one was a woman, now it is 1 out of six, and in the end it will be 50/50. And retailers have not yet realized that they can save up to 2% when integrating cryptocurrencies as a means of payment. One has only to add digital assets to trading networks, and thousands of women will have wallets with BTC. The cost will skyrocket, far exceeding my forecast of $250,000,” Business to Community quoted the analyst as saying.

When paying by card, the store loses up to 2.9% when buying offline and up to 3.5% when buying online. At the same time, a transaction in cryptocurrency will cost, on average, $1.4. The savings are obvious. Service from giants like Visa and Mastercard is choking small chains and small businesses. Savings on margin when integrating cryptocurrencies can serve as an incentive that will provide a new leap in the market. However, the large-scale integration of cryptocurrencies may also lead to the abandonment of such tools as SWIFT.

We wrote earlier that Ethereum co-founder Gavin Wood advised investors not to panic due to the recent crash in the crypto market, which brought down the capitalization of the crypto industry by more than $ 800 billion. Instead, it is now very important to focus on information that can serve to strengthen positions

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