Another Elon Musk Company Will Start Accepting Dogecoin

SpaceX will start accepting digital currency Dogecoin for payment, following the electric car manufacturer Tesla. Against the backdrop of this news, the cost of DOGE increased markedly.

According to a post published by I. Musk on Twitter, it follows that Dogecoin can be used to purchase SpaceX merchandise. Electric car supplier Tesla began selling merchandise and souvenirs for DOGE in January of this year.

Data from Europe’s largest crypto exchange WhiteBIT suggests that within 10 minutes after the multibillionaire posted a tweet, the DOGE rate increased by 13.5% to 0.0885 USD. Subsequently, it corrected to 0.0855 USD.

At the time of preparation of the material, it was possible to purchase branded products in the SpaceX online store only for dollars. He has not started accepting DOGE for payment yet.

Musk did not rule out the possibility of introducing memetic cryptocurrency into other projects. The corresponding statement was made by entrepreneurs in response to a subscriber’s question about whether he will be able to use Dogecoin to pay for Starlink satellite Internet in the future. Musk replied, “Maybe one day.”

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