Wildberries began to massively write off fines for returning goods from users – RBC

Wildberries users have been complaining about massive write-offs for about a month, RBC writes with reference to discussions in the marketplace group on VKontakte. Some even charge money for returning defective goods. In a notice before placing an order, WIldberries warns that the return will cost 100 rubles for each product.

Wildberries began testing return payments for approximately 5% of users who return 90% or more of items in November 2021. The marketplace said it wanted to reduce the rate of fraudulent orders, when competitors order large quantities of the seller’s goods and return them. In December, Rospotrebnadzor said that Wildberries has the right to charge a return fee if the product is of high quality.


Customers whose buyback percentage is less than 20% or the buyout amount is less than 10 thousand rubles were supposed to pay for the return, Forbes wrote.

At the same time, users who have never had returns complain about warnings. RBC correspondents, as well as the editor of vc.ru, received the same notifications.

Wildberries told vc.ru that since 2020 they have been testing various delivery models and for users with a high share of returns and a low redemption amount, a reverse logistics payment rate is applied. The company said that they could not name the exact amount of the ransom, and also noted that the return of defective goods is free. “The tariff applies to about 10% of customers,” the company explained.

In responses to users who contacted the support service, marketplace operators in some cases mention that the notification appears depending on the amount of the purchase of goods, in others that Wildberries does not take them into account, writes RBC.

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