Will Young recalls late twin Rupert fainting in the street while battling alcoholism

Channel 4 viewers were left in tears last night as Will Young recalled caring for his late brother Rupert. The singer explains how he got rid of his twins weeks before his death in 2020, after years of trying to help his siblings battle his addiction

Will Young says twin Rupert ‘will die on the street’

Will Young recalls how his late brother Rupert sometimes passed out on the street ‘at the end of his life’ during his touching Channel 4 drama last night.

Pop Idol Champion, 43, moved viewers to tears throughout ‘Will Young: Loss My Twin Rupert’ – a powerful documentary that explores the pain and drama of life as one body has to fight addiction.

Will’s twin brother Rupert took his own life in 2020 at the age of 41, after a 20-year battle with depression, addiction to painkillers and alcohol.

Speaking about the final months of Rupert’s life, Evergreen singer Will recalled: “In the end, he knocked on his neighbor’s door in the morning to ask for money. He passed out outside a newsstand.


“He became an ordinary person on the street. I don’t actually judge those people. I feel a lot of sympathy for them because that’s Rupert, that’s what he has become.”

In another development, Will opened up about his brother’s death by suicide, shortly after the male singer kicked Rupert out of the house.

Will became a carer for his late brother in the months leading up to his death, as Rupert’s alcohol dependence worsened.

Before recalling the moment when the police announced that his twin brother had taken his own life, Will explained how he knew there was a chance that Rupert would not have survived alone.

“I have to agree with that. I agree with everything I’ve done to try to help him,” Will announced on the Channel 4 documentary.

“I know there’s nothing more I can do.


The female singer hopes that the Channel 4 drama will shed light on important issues

“It was Sunday, and I opened the door and there was a policeman standing there. I said, ‘Did he kill himself?’ “That’s the first thing I said. They said, ‘Can we come in? “And I said. , “Just tell me,” and one of them said, “Yes, he killed himself.”

The All Time Love hitmaker added: “It brought so much grief, that I couldn’t save him.”

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