Will your Xiaomi be updated or is it no longer supported: the official list

Until recently, Xiaomi has not bothered to inform users that support for their devices has been discontinued.

Bringing bad news is certainly not a good idea, but keeping users in the dark is not the best way to maintain your own reputation. Now the Xiaomi policy has changed and users can get more detailed information about the support of their own devices. New functionality has been implemented using Xiaomi Safety Center.

By entering this site and selecting the desired category, users can find all the details in terms of further support (or termination). Devices with closed support fall into the EOS (Termination of Service) section. For example, information about the latest flagship Xiaomi 12 states that Google’s security patches for this model will be released by January 2026 and the update frequency is 90 days. It further states that Xiaomi 12 will later get firmware based on Android 13, Android 14 and even Android 15. Now you don’t have to look for leaks and internal information, just go to the official website of the manufacturer.

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