Windows 11 update broke the popular antivirus

Microsoft has released another update for the Windows 11 operating system, which led to the failure of the User Mode Hooking driver, which is part of the Japanese antivirus Trend Micro and protects against rogue viruses.

Update for Windows 11 KB5014019 is optional and cumulative. Trend Micro antivirus users have noticed that the UMH driver is disabled after installing the update and restarting the computer due to incompatibility with the OS. The Japanese company has already assured users that it is studying the problem in order to have time to solve it before the update becomes public. And before making any decision, I advised you to either roll back from the problematic update, or contact Trend Micro support.

“The UMH component, which is used by several Trend Micro products to protect endpoints and servers, is responsible for some additional features, such as rogue protection,” Trend Micro said in a statement.

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