Published 20 minutes of gameplay Diablo Immortal

Things have been going poorly for Activision Blizzard for a long time, and there is nowhere to hide from the news of another scandal. Not on Twitter, not even in the latest Diablo Immortal gameplay video.

The Game Informer portal showed 20 minutes of Diablo Immortal, with the announcement of which Blizzard’s reputation began to fall in the eyes of gamers. The video symbolically begins not with action, but with a reminder of scandals within the walls of the company.

As for the gameplay, the video demonstrates different classes, several locations, a raid boss, as well as two versions of an action-RPG at once – for smartphones and PC. Recall that the release of Immortal on both platforms will take place on June 2, and registration for iOS and Android users started on March 28.

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