WWF expert allowed the rescued bear to return to its natural environment

Now it is important to wean the polar bear rescued in the Krasnoyarsk Territory from humans, says Varvara Semenova, chief coordinator of biodiversity projects in the Arctic at WWF Russia. She stated this on Thursday, July 21, in an interview with Izvestia.

According to her, the rescued polar bear is quite philanthropic and this is a problem.

“In the wild, the bear walks along the coast and finds other sources of food, such as marine mammals washed ashore, but if he returns to the human environment, he will again start pestering people and will not be able to find food on his own. Therefore, now we need to try to wean the animal from humans, so that in the future it will remain in its environment, ”the expert emphasized.

Physically, the polar bear has now almost recovered after the incident with a tin can that got into his mouth, and in the future the animal will be able to overcome addiction to humans, fully return to its natural habitat and start hunting for living objects from the wild, Semenova believes.

As for the fact that for the first time the bear will be provided with fish so that she can recover for independent hunting, the expert noted that fish is a natural food, so it will not be associated with people.

“In order for a bear to hunt, it needs ice, and it will appear there only in a few more months, so fish is also needed so that the animal comes to its senses and can start hunting in the future. It will be given to the bear for a very short time, but this will support his strength, because now he is very thin, ”added Semenova.

The only thing that can cause concern is that the bear is still small and it is not known how the loads from transportation will affect it.

Earlier that day, veterinarians from the Moscow Zoo flew to the village of Dikson and rescued a polar bear that had a can of condensed milk stuck in its mouth. Within ten minutes, they were able to immobilize the animal, remove the jar, and treat the tongue. It had many cuts on it.

The animal turned out to be a young female bear of two years, weighing 80–90 kg. Prior to this, the head of Rosprirodnadzor, Svetlana Radionova, assured that veterinarians would do everything possible to save the predator.

On July 20, a polar bear came to the people with a can of condensed milk stuck in its mouth. The moment was captured on video: a local resident calls a wild animal and tries to help him, but he failed to get the tin. As the head of the village, Nikolai Burak, told Izvestia, the bear walked around the entire village in search of help.

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