Xiaomi and Redmi are merging. What it means for buyers

Xiaomi is releasing its smartphones under a number of sub-brands – initially there was only one branch in the form of POCO, but in January 2019 Redmi was separated from the parent company. The corporation is currently undergoing a new restructuring, merging the Xiaomi, Redmi and Pad product segments into a smartphone product segment (the name may be incorrect due to the Chinese translation). There is no official statement yet, but authentic publication Sina Tech reports that the document has already been signed.

Ling Xiaobing became the head of the newly integrated division, who was head of the Redmi product division before the restructuring.

There are two reasons for the restructuring. The first is the recent departure of Chang Cheng, head of Xiaomi’s smartphone division. Another is due to the desire to strengthen the connection between the departments responsible for the production of Xiaomi and Redmi smartphones as well as Pad tablets.

However, it is not clear what this means. It is possible that experts will work together on hardware and software, to work together to record and solve problems, and to innovate. This version seems the most logical, because now, according to forum comments, even Xiaomi and Redmi gadgets with uniform stuffing may differ in terms of stability.

After all, these segments have been closely linked before: for example, when announcing device support, Xiaomi mentions its gadgets, Redmi products, and Pad tablets. But Poco is not included.

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