Xiaomi will upgrade to MIUI 13 three budget smartphones in 2020

Xiaomi is gradually abandoning the upgrade of smartphones in 2019. However, the devices released in 2020 still have a chance for new firmware. First of all, the manufacturer pays attention to the flagship devices, but some fall into the budget. Not all owners of Redmi Note 9, Redmi 9 and POCO M2 believed in the emergence of MIUI 13 assemblies based on the Android 12 operating system for their devices. However, recent sources indicate that work in this direction is almost complete. Redmi Note 9, Redmi 9 and POCO M2, codenamed Merlin, Shiva In and Lancelot, are being converted to V13.0.0.5.SJOMIXM, V13.0.0.4.SJCMIXM and V13.0.0.5.SJRINXM, respectively.

Mass distribution is expected to begin in China in July or August. If a large number of issues are not identified in the first stage, global versions of these updates will appear soon. Users will be able to enjoy all the chips and features of MIUI 13 that they have been waiting for.

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