Yandex plans to launch a courier delivery service in Peru and Mexico under the Yango Delivery brand

The service has already been operating in Chile since the end of 2021.

  • In May, Yango Delivery posted two vacancies on Linkedin in Lima, the capital of Peru. One of them is a business development manager, and the description indicates that the service is being launched in the country, Interfax writes. The vacancy was posted by Ekaterina


  • Borisoglebskaya, Head of Global Business Development at Yandex.


  • The publication also found on Linkedin the profile of the CEO of Yango Delivery in the Latin American region Grigory Poghosyan, he has been in office since September 2021, the office is located in Santiago, the capital of Chile.


  • Poghosyan wrote on Linkedin that the service is already working in Chile, looking for partners and employees. He also posted jobs for employees in Mexico City.


  • Yango Delivery delivers any goods except food and, according to its own data, brings about 400 orders per day.


  • Yandex confirmed testing of the service in Chile from 2021, but did not disclose the details of the launch in other Latin American countries. As of May 24, the Yango Delivery website is available in six versions – for Peru, Chile, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey and Israel.


  • In March, Bloomberg sources reported that Yandex plans to sell Yango Deli (an analogue of Yandex.Lavka) in London and suspend work in Paris.

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