You can now connect YouTube for Smartphones to your TV. How to do it?

YouTube on the phone and TV could always be synchronized, but the problem was not a very convenient connection procedure. Now the YouTube developers have released an update that will be very popular with all users who use the synchronization function.

After the update, in order to connect your smartphone and TV, you must first turn on the application on the TV, then go to the application on the phone. If the account is the same there and there, then a notification will automatically pop up on the phone, on which you will need to click consent to synchronize. Everything after which YouTube on the phone and TV will be connected.

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This is very convenient, you can write what you need in the search, and view it on TV (this is not so convenient to do with the remote control). You can also watch TV, and on your smartphone, comment or read descriptions (comments). Be sure to use this feature and you will immediately notice how it makes it easier to watch your favorite programs.

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