Zelensky: 45 missiles prove that sanctions against Russia are not enough, as well as weapons for Ukraine

President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that the 45 Russian missiles fired by Russia on June 25 into Ukraine prove that world sanctions against Russia are not enough.

Source: Zelensky’s video message

Direct speech: “On Monday (June 27 – ed.) I will take part in the G7 summit. A NATO summit will also take place this week. 45 missiles in half a day and just on the eve of such meetings is another confirmation of our position.

This is confirmation that the sanctions packages against Russia are not enough, more armed assistance is needed for Ukraine, and that air defense systems – the modern systems that our partners have, should not be in training grounds or in storage, but in Ukraine, where they are needed now – needed more than anywhere else in the world.”

Details: Zelensky believes that 45 Russian missiles were launched at Ukraine to show “allegedly Russia can do something, that the Russian army is supposedly succeeding.”

Direct speech: “Russian missile strikes are not just the destruction of our infrastructure, they are also a very cynical, calculated pressure on the emotions of our people.

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