Zelensky says they will not make steps in NATO because of the position of individual countries

Deputy Head of the Office of the President Igor Zhovkva said that the Ukrainian authorities will not take steps to join NATO because of the position of individual member countries.

Source: Zhovkva’s interview with the Financial Times

Zhovkva’s direct speech: “We want (in NATO – ed.) to have an understanding and recognition that Ukraine is the cornerstone in the security system on the European continent.

If NATO members do not recognize the true situation with what is happening in Europe and Ukraine, then this document will become just another piece of paper, absolutely unimportant.

NATO members denied us our desire (to become a member of the North Atlantic Alliance – ed.). For the time being, we will refrain from any steps in this direction.”

Details: Zhovkva also stressed that in the new version, NATO is obliged to remove any mention of the need to achieve “partnership” with Russia. In addition, the Alliance must include in the document clear and unequivocal warnings from Russia about its aggressive intentions.

The President’s Office official believes that NATO should not be “ashamed” of being tough on Russia.

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