2GIS has updated the application: added a navigator for bicycles and scooters and elevation changes

As well as a separate card where you can book a scooter, and updated the start screen.


In 2GIS, it became possible to build routes for bicycles and scooters. The navigator takes into account stairs, gates, underground and ground crossings of the carriageway.

He can advise several routes: one of them will be as fast as possible, the other – as safe as possible.

All navigation functions are available to users: indication of maneuvers, warnings about obstacles, forecast of arrival time, voice prompts, overview of the route through the mini-map and in full screen.

The application will show the type of road – asphalt, dirt or bicycle.

In the settings, you can exclude stairs and roads from the route, then a map for scooters will be available to users. On it you can select a device, view information about the cost of the trip, charge the device and book it. So far, only Yurent scooters are available on the map.

In addition, 2GIS added information about the terrain to the navigator for pedestrians and cyclists – the elevation difference and the histogram of the entire route. Steep areas are marked in red, moderate in yellow, and flat in green.

In the car navigator, you can search for shops or other places that you need to stop along the way. He also began to build routes continuously, taking into account the traffic situation – and offer new ones.

2GIS also updated the app’s start screen: it added “smart” hints with routes and “Stories” with stories about new features and tips on where to go. In addition, now you do not need to download a separate map for each city.

There are separate routes for bicycles and scooters in Yandex.Maps, and voice guidance was added for them in May.

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