VPN service Windscribe said that it could be blocked in Russia – users complained about malfunctions

Roskomnadzor did not report the blocking.

Issues have been reported by users on Twitter and on the official Windscribe Discord server since the morning of May 26th. The service is not available at least for Megafon, Beeline, Rostelecom and MTS clients.

Support for the service suggested that their IP addresses were being blocked in Russia and said they were investigating Windscribe to look into the issue.

It appears Russia implemented some VPN blocking rules last night. We’re investigating.

Users cannot connect to almost all servers, but some are available – for example, in Ireland. Roskomnadzor has not officially announced the blocking, and the Windscribe website is not in the list of blocked sites.

According to Globalcheck, the Windscribe website is not available on MegaFon, Beeline, Rostelecom, MTS, Yota and Tele2 networks.

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