Accused of raping a woman on the beach against a meeting police officer

Metropolitan Police Officer Lawrence Knight, 33, was charged last summer with recreational rape of a woman on Brighton Beach and is due to appear in court next month.

A serving police officer was charged with raping a woman on the beach.

Lawrence Knight is due to appear in court next month after being arrested and charged in connection with the alleged incident last July.

The 33-year-old incumbent Met officer has been charged with assaulting an unidentified woman on Brighton Beach in East Sussex on July 17, 2021, before being taken into custody after July 11.

He was out of duty at the time.

Knight is scheduled to appear before judges in the southern coastal town on June 2.

A Sussex police spokesman said: “Lawrence Knight, a Met police officer, was arrested on July 28 on suspicion of rape and released on bail.

“She was summoned to appear in Brighton Magistrates’ Court on June 23 to face rape charges today.

“The officer was not on duty at the time of the complaint.

“Victims will continue to be assisted by specialized officers throughout the court process.”

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