Queen is said to have ‘the future’ in Charles: Prince William holds future of British monarchy in his hands

According to royal sources, the queen “wants the world to see the heartbeat of her family and the future of the monarchy”. The family is scheduled to arrive on the porch around 5 p.m.

The Queen will stand on the porch of Buckingham Palace with her three heirs, Prince Charles, William and George, to mark the end of her Platinum Jubilee weekend, it could be announced.

The 96-year-old king “wants the world to see the heartbeat of his family and the future of the monarchy as he concludes the folklore contest next Sunday,” royal sources said.

The family is scheduled to appear on the porch around 5 p.m., with 10,000 people gathered at the mall, where millions more are watching on television across the country.

Queens-to-Camilla and Kate will join their husbands Charles and William on the balcony.

Their son, Prince George, eight, William and Kate’s other children, Princess Charlotte, seven, and Prince Louis, four, may also be present, but this has not yet been confirmed, they say.

Other members of the royal family, including Princess Anne, Princess Anne, Earl and Councilors of Wessex and their children 18-year-old Lewis and 14-year-old James and Prince Andrew’s daughter, Princess Beatrice and Eugenie, are expected to see the royal box from the Grandstand. Outside the palace is the Queen Victoria Memorial.

Buckingham Palace remained silent on the plan, but a royal source said: “His Excellency believes that it will send a strong message to the world that despite the trials and tribulations of the family in recent years, those at the top have joined the cause.” Their sense of duty and commitment to service continues to be shared.

On Thursday, the Queen traveled by helicopter to her Balmoral estate in Scotland for a short break before the celebrations began.

Although some fun has already begun, there are big anniversary dinners all over the country. Children and parents at Duncum Primary School in north London were in their red, white and blue explosion yesterday.

An exhibition of Andy Warhol’s 155th portrait of the Queen is being held in London today to mark Sotheby’s anniversary.

But the official anniversary celebrations begin at 10 a.m. Thursday with Trooping the Color.

It ends with an RAF flyby shown by the royal family from the porch of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen decides that only the royal members will join her, which means Prince Harry and his wife Meghan and the disrespectful Prince Andrew will be absent.

He was accompanied by Prince Charles and Camilla, Prince William and Kate, Prince Edward and his wife Sophie, Princess Anne, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, the Duke of Kent and Princess Alexandra. Kids from Cambridge and Wessex are also expected, as is Tim Lawrence, Ann’s husband.

On Friday, the Queen will attend a Thanksgiving service at St. Paul’s Cathedral when she hopes to go to the Epsom Derby with her family on Saturday. She is expected to miss Saturday night’s Buckingham Palace concert in her honor, but other family members will be in attendance.

Next Sunday’s anniversary competition will feature a giant 3D wire bust of giant marionettes, Corgi dolls and queens. Thousands of people will take part in the 3,000 km parade through London, including military personnel, hundreds of staff and chiefs of staff and 6,000 volunteers.

The £ 15 million competition promises that ‘once experienced in human life, made by man for man’. It will have four functions: for the queen and the country; The time of our lives; Let’s party; And happy and glorious.

Organizers have spent months creating “waves of nostalgia” with Sinclair C5 electric vehicles from the 1980s and seven double-decker buses transporting celebrities from each of the seven decades of the Queen’s reign.

The Time of Our Lives section features a collection of 2,500 actors, space hoppers and Doctor Who Daleks showing cultural change over the past 10 years, and seven different James Bond Aston Martin cars and seven Land Rover processions.

Seven JCB excavators will also join the procession, paying tribute to the Queen’s late husband Prince Philip and her passion for British engineering.

In the “Let’s Celebrate” section, the 2,500 actors will portray 12 “chapters” of the queen’s life, with her consent to her love of horses and Corgis.

The competition followed the coronation procession, from Parliament Square to Trafalgar Square and then from the mall to Buckingham Palace.

The Platinum Jubilee competition will end with a great performance of the national anthem, hosted by Ed Sheeran and the London Community Gospel Choir, and viewed on the porch of the Queen’s Palace.

The Mirror realizes that the rest of the family will be “impossible” if he is unable to attend because of ill health.

But a man inside the palace said: “The queen is in great form and is very much looking forward to the anniversary celebrations.

“There has been a lot of planning and effort going on to ensure this is a fitting tribute to the Queen’s incredible contribution to public life.”

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