Africa is going to turn minerals into NFT tokens

The Central African Republic has announced that it plans to tokenize access to its natural resources and offer it to anyone (of course, not on a free basis).

Project Sango, the first official crypto hub in Africa, will manage the project. The initiative was created after the CAR was the first in Africa to recognize bitcoin as a legal tender.

In addition to oil, the republic has many other mineral deposits, such as diamonds, copper and rhodium. The country’s natural resources, among others, also include gold, limestone, cobalt and manganese.

Despite the fact that its territory is rich in mineral resources, the CAR remains one of the least developed countries in the world. According to the President of the Republic, the tokenization of “geological treasures” will help create new investment opportunities in the country. The chairman of Ripple agrees with this in absentia, who is convinced that NFT tokens will help to treat the environment and minerals in the best way.

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