HIMARS and “Hurricane”: how artillery installations differ (video)

Modern American MLRS HIMARS, which the Ukrainian military will receive, are better than Hurricanes in guidance, range, shooting accuracy, and reloading.

A video has been published on the network comparing the Soviet Uragan multiple launch rocket systems, which the Ukrainian armed forces have, and the American HIMARS. They are due to arrive in Ukraine soon as part of a new $700 million US military aid. Thus, it can be seen that HIMARS are better than Hurricanes in guidance, range, shooting accuracy, and reloading.


Guidance: mechanical “by eye”;
Firing range: about 35 km;
Hit Accuracy: A launched projectile can land +/- 170 meters from the intended target;
Reload: one projectile at a time, takes about 20 minutes.

According to the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, this MLRS is designed to destroy manpower, lightly armored vehicles of enemy motorized infantry and tank units in places of concentration and on the march, destroy command posts, communication centers and military industry facilities, infrastructure, remote installation of minefields.


Guidance: using the GPS coordinates of the target;
Firing range: about 80 km;
Accuracy of hit: + – 5 meters from a given target;
Reload: in blocks of 6 projectiles at a time, takes about 5 minutes.

It is designed to destroy areas of concentration of artillery systems, air defense systems and fire support, trucks, combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers, as well as to provide fire support to its units.

Recall, on June 1, US President Joe Biden confirmed that as part of US military assistance, Ukraine will receive highly mobile artillery systems HIMARS. In addition, Kyiv will receive thousands of Javelins and Stingers, as well as a new batch of Switchblade killer drones, helicopters and howitzers.

Expert Michael Clark believes that HIMARS can make a difference in the course of hostilities in Ukraine, and the Ukrainian military will be able to stop Russian troops. In the meantime, the media report that the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine are already being trained in the development of modern MLRS, and the training will take about 3 weeks.

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