After being forced to take a pregnancy test, her boyfriend was jailed for stabbing her

Mark Alexander, 29, of Brixton, south London, has been sentenced to 15 years in prison for killing his girlfriend Azaria Williams, 26, after she was forced to take a pregnancy test before being stabbed 96 times.

A friend who stabbed her partner after forcing her to take a pregnancy test has been jailed for proving that she is not having another man’s child.

Mark Alexander was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the murder of Azaria Williams, who was stabbed 96 times in a “horrific attack” on his home in Clapham, south-west London.

CCTV footage of the court showed the couple testing and buying cigarettes in Sciencebury just minutes before the murder.

During a debate on December 2, 2020, Williams, 22, reddened a urine sample of Alexander, 29, the defendant alleged.

The couple started dating in the summer of 2018 and moved together in March 2020.

Neighbors often heard them running.

Hannah Tumazo, who called police, said she was watching TV during their recent argument with one of her friends and her friend said she was going to kill him.

He made the urgent response that Miss Williams was “really screaming”.

“She’s screaming ‘no, no’, she’s screaming as if she’s being attacked,” he said.

Police forcefully enter and see Miss Williams face down in a pool of blood, leaning against her front door.

Paramedics were at the scene but could not save his life and he was pronounced dead shortly afterwards.

Alexander told them he had “done nothing” because he was handcuffed and claimed that a man named Adrian Thomas was behind the attack.

Alexander said, “[He] is the man sleeping with my ex.”

“I woke up and saw him like this.”

Judge Sarah Munroe, QC, told Alexander from Brixton, south London, that he was guilty of murder after the jury rejected his plea for murder on the grounds of lesser responsibility.

“You took a very dear young woman from her family and friends who had been in front of her all her life,” she said.

“Her parents and one of her sisters are here today, and obviously anyone who knew her was devastated.

Judge Munro said, “He went to great lengths to help and assist you, and he loved you even after your difficulties and the time you dealt with him.”

“She even hoped that you and she would get married and start a family together.”

In May 2020, Mrs. Williams called the Domestic Violence Hotline and moved to a flat in Clapham in August, the judge continued.

He said Alexander falsely accused Miss Williams of cheating on him and hit him on the head on December 1, 2020, causing his eyes to turn black.

The judge said the defendant was convinced that he had seen his victim on December 5 in a car with Mr. Thomas, with whom he believed he had an affair.

Referring to the anniversary of Miss Williams’ death, Judge Munro said that Alexander had forced her to prove that she was not pregnant and that “prove that she had no relationship”.

The judge told Alexander that the horrific attack was “prolonged” and that his victim had suffered multiple defensive wounds, suggesting that he was still alive and had tried to fight it until there was no bloodshed.

Mrs Williams’ mother, father and sister cried in court after the verdict was announced.

The bereaved mother, Karen Downs, said that after building a memorial for her daughter, three homeless people approached her and told her she always gave them money.

He said he was always worried about Alexander and was “angry” when it came to black eyes.

Mrs. Downs said of her daughter’s death that something was wrong with her “motherhood.”

The court heard that Alexander had been taking antipsychotic drugs since 2008 and had suffered one mental illness after another during his untreated life.

Her mental health problems were linked to criminal offenses, with six trials for seven different offenses, the court heard.

Evidence suggests that Alexander discontinued his medication on 12 December.

James Wood, QC, defended himself, saying his client’s “chronic illness” had affected his behavior.

Mr Woodwood further argued that Alexander did not “plan” the attack but was persuaded by an argument raised from the pregnancy test.

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