Always Check your iPhone – someone might be secretly watching your everything

If you fear that someone is tracking your whereabouts, they may spy on your device remotely.

We’ve already seen how to turn it off on Facebook, but what can be done on the iPhone?
You can see all the devices signed in to your account in the iPhone settings

Apple has the Find My feature to help you find a hard kit.

Fortunately, Apple’s security is pretty tight, so if someone hacks into your account, it’s probably because of your password.

Maybe you accidentally shared it with someone or your password is too simple.

First, you’ll want to know for sure if anyone is following you, so let’s take a look at Find My and see if there are any devices that aren’t logging into your account.
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See where your Apple ID is signed in

On your iPhone, open Settings and tap your name at the top.

Scroll down and you’ll see that your account is logged on all devices.

Check to see if there are any things you don’t know – keep in mind that they may not all be Apple products that contain Find My Access.

For example, you can sign in to a PlayStation or Xbox.

If you see one that is not yours, you may have a cause for concern.

But don’t panic – you can stop them from following you immediately.

Tap on the device in question and below you will see Remove from Account.
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This will immediately deny them access to your account.

After that, you should probably change your password to prevent them from re-entering.
Easy to remove suspicious accounts

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