All because of the war. Ukraine is losing ground in the Global Startup Ecosystem rankings

Due to the full-scale war of Russia in Ukraine, our country has lost its position in the new ranking of Global Startup Ecosystem 2022. And in the ranking of 1,000 cities out of six, only four Ukrainian cities remain. This is stated in the annual report of the Global Startup Ecosystem.
What happened

In this year’s Global Startup Ecosystem 2022 ranking, Ukraine dropped from 34th to 50th position. According to the authors of the study, full-scale war has become a major factor in such a slump. Experts also fear that European support for Ukrainian IT professionals will mean that they will not want to return to Ukraine.

In addition, the position of some Ukrainian cities in the ranking has deteriorated:

Kyiv is no longer one of the top 50 cities. He lost 45 positions and is on the 93rd step. However, it remains the only Ukrainian city in the top 100. Kyiv is also among the top 25 in the world in the field of marketing and sales, software and data.
Among Ukrainian cities, Odesa came in second. But in the world rankings, it fell by 348 positions – to 742 places.
Lviv lost its position as the second Ukrainian city, and in general the city dropped in the rating by 494 marks – to 749.
Kharkiv also reached 1000. But in total he lost 342 points and became 855th.
Two more Ukrainian cities – Dnipro and Ternopil – dropped out of the rankings this year.

The authors of the study say that the main reason for Ukraine’s success is the talent of developers hired by many foreign companies. They also mention projects such as Grammarly, Gitlab and Ahrefs, which have clients all over the world.

Kirill Mazur, the founder and CEO of Center42, believes that we still have very few startups compared to other countries. Therefore, it is necessary to stimulate the emergence of entrepreneurs. In addition, he says that Ukraine needs:

seek their niche to compete for human potential with the world’s fastest growing cities;
to attract new funds that will be able to invest in Ukrainian projects;
open more offices of international companies, because they bring revenue to the state budget;
to carry out judicial reform, the lack of which became even more pronounced during the war;
to introduce new approaches to the development of the state economy;
to assist Ukrainian companies in sales to international markets.

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