It has become known how small businesses can protect themselves from cyberattacks

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, small businesses have rapidly moved to remote work and the use of new technologies such as contactless payments and online orders. At the same time, these measures have increased the cyber risks of companies. According to a Barracuda report, small businesses with up to 100 employees have been the target of numerous cyberattacks. This was reported by Economic News with reference to the Associated Press.

Compared to large companies, many small businesses have fewer resources for cybersecurity, making them vulnerable to cybercriminals. And overcoming the consequences of a cyber attack can cause serious damage to business profits.

Experts called for advice on protecting the business of SMEs from cyber attacks:
1. EVALUATE YOUR ONLINE SYSTEMS: Before you can develop a strategy to protect your business from cyber threats, you need to have a full understanding of the current computer ecosystem.

2. IMPLEMENT CYBER SECURITY BEST PRACTICES: Even without the resources of large companies, small businesses can create protections that prevent cybercriminals from carrying out their attacks. As a business owner, you can apply basic safety and hygiene practices, such as:
– installation of firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to networks;
– use of anti-virus software and ensure its regular updating;
– Regular backup of data and save it offline or elsewhere, not just in the cloud;
– creating strong passwords;
– Requiring multi-factor authentication, which requires two identification factors, such as password and code, to access accounts and systems.

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