American supercomputer takes first place in the Top500 ranking

The Top500 rating of the most powerful supercomputers in the world was headed by the American Frontier system, developed by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. This is the first rig to hit a peak of 1.1 exaflops in the Linmark test.

The system is powered by 2GHz AMD EPYC 64C processors optimized for AI and HPC. The supercomputer is equipped with AMD Instinct MI250X accelerators and has 8.7 million cores.

Frontier is still in the integration and testing process. Its creation cost $600 million.

In the future, the supercomputer will be operated by the US Air Force and the US Department of Energy.

Previously, the first place in the Top500 ranking was occupied by the Japanese installation Fugaku. Its performance is 442 petaflops.

Recall that in January, Meta announced the creation of the world’s largest supercomputer with artificial intelligence.

In May 2021, American scientists unveiled an AI supercomputer that will help build the largest ever 3D map of the visible universe to study dark energy.

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