Viber has been updated: the application has a delayed publication function and a moderator bot

On May 30, Rakuten introduced an updated version of the Viber messenger. In particular, users have access to new features such as comments on publications, post scheduling, and hidden lists of channel members. In addition, the company has joined the European Code of Conduct to counter online hate speech. This means that stricter content moderation algorithms have been added to the application.

The developers say that the ability to leave comments under the posts of other users has become available in the channels. Previously, the subscriber could only leave a reaction to the message of another participant. Post scheduling: Creators will be able to set a specific date when a post will be made public on the channel. To do this, when publishing a post, hold down the send button and select the desired time. Viber also took care of the safety of channel members.

So, the lists of subscribers who are subscribed to the channel can be hidden. Only information about the total number of the community will be available. Admins will be able to use bots to control their community or channel. In addition, it became possible to flag offensive language on the platform, after which the moderators will check whether the post that was reported contains inappropriate language.

We previously reported that Twitter will pay a $150 million fine for violating its own privacy policy.

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