An anti-drone rifle from the Ukrainian company Kvertus Technology effectively “knocks down” enemy drones

A test sample of the rifle was developed by the company in 2017. It was a gadget with two barrels, it weighed 18 kg, and behind the user’s shoulders was a backpack with batteries.

An anti-drone rifle is a device that creates radio interference. It has a communication interference generator. Directional antennas direct the signal in the right direction. They close the frequencies on which 99% of commercial and tactical drones operate.

The target is tactical level drones. These are mostly helicopters used to adjust fire and gather intelligence. For example, DJI drones. And it can also be drones carrying explosives.

Once in the range of the gun, the drone loses contact with the satellite or remote control. He loses the picture – he can’t take photos / videos.

The anti-drone rifle weighs 5 kg. She became whole, in one building, without backpacks and pendants. Range – 3.5 km in open space.

“In many respects, the Ukrainian rifle is better than world counterparts. And the price is twice as good, ”says Yaroslav Filimonov.

Antidron rifle is a weapon for trench warfare. Drones are used on the collision line to gather local information. The enemy also uses drones as suspensions to drop grenades. That is why the Ukrainian army needs a lot of such rifles.

“Such a device should be in every vault of infantry. Every 500 meters along the front line, so that the fighter does not run a kilometer cross to destroy the drone, “said Yaroslav Filimonov, the company’s chief operating officer.

Now the company can produce 5 rifles a day, starting with two a week. The plans are 10 per day.

The company also has a plan to create a more powerful anti-drone rifle with a range of 20-30 km. It can be transported by pickup or jeep. Visually, the drone can be seen at a maximum of 700 m. Therefore, this radio gun will also need a powerful direction finding.

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