How to get a job in IT without experience during the war

By the fourth month of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, businesses and enterprises are gradually recovering from critical changes and increasing production. The IT sector, as an industry that has proved to be quite stable, even lacks qualified personnel. There are several reasons for this:

According to a survey conducted by the IT Association of Ukraine, 3% of employees of IT companies joined the Armed Forces, others (and their number cannot be counted) joined the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

According to the analysis of the Yale School of Management, activities in Russia have been completely or partially stopped by about 1,000 companies, including giants such as UBER, Grammarly, Nokia, Fortinex, Vodaphone. They and other technology companies support the Ukrainian IT sector, so our specialists will gain a significant advantage in the global market.
The Ukrainian offline business, which survived quarantine and struggled to recover, finally understood the importance of an online presence after the war. And this gives additional outsourcing demand from those companies that previously did not need the services of IT companies.

Ginny’s statistics for April indicate an increase in the number of vacancies: 20,000 specialists are currently needed by the Ukrainian IT industry. February’s 27,000 proposals are still far away, but companies are confidently advancing to that mark. Above all, there is a lack:

1. Data Science
2. Data Engineers
3. Python
4. Project Managers
5. DevOps Engineers

To make up for the shortage of staff, as well as to give everyone the opportunity to join the IT sector, many companies, as on the eve of the war, offer interesting training programs.

A little about the benefits of an internship in IT:

  1. Gaining real experience and professional skills that help build a career.
    2. Interesting acquaintances with qualified specialists and immersion in work processes.
    3. Study not current but future technologies.
    4. Communicating with a mentor during the internship gives many benefits: from discovering your potential to determining your software and hard skills.
    5. Getting valuable contacts and recommendations for future employment.

Internships in IT in 2022: what companies offer

Computools is an international company that develops products, services and solutions for enterprises of various sizes. Invites technical students to gain their first experience in IT and become true experts in one of the selected areas: Node.JS, Angular or Golang.
What awaits the student?

Remote or office internship in IT for 1-3 months. 1-on-1 mentor meetings to discuss achievements and individual development plan. Successful graduates will receive a financial bonus and the opportunity to become part of the team.

Requirements for participation:

1. English level not lower than Intermediate;
2. the necessary theoretical basis (according to the chosen specialty);
3. opportunity to devote from 4 to 8 hours to work on the project;
4. city: Zaporizhia, Dnipro, Kyiv.

GlobalLogic is a developer of digital products. Opens for students of the last courses of technical specialties a way in IT through GL Trainee Program in the directions: DevOps, Java, Embedded C, C / C ++, Automating Testing, Manual Testing, JavaScript.

What awaits the student?

The company offers tools for deepening theoretical knowledge and working with a real commercial project for 3 months. Upon successful completion of the internship, the student gets the opportunity to work with the company on a permanent basis.

Requirements for participation:

1. technical education (bachelor, specialist, master);
2. basic knowledge (depending on the chosen program);
3. English Intermediate and above;
4. having your own projects will be a plus!

To apply for this internship in IT, send a resume to open trainee vacancies of the company.

EPAM is an international company with branches in more than 35 countries, developing and implementing software. In June-July he has planned internships in the following areas: Software Functional Testing, DevOps, Test Automation, .Net, Java, Performance Analysis.
What awaits the student?


Students from anywhere in the world can join the external 3-month course. However, invitations to the Laboratory for project work are received only by those who have successfully completed online courses and have the opportunity to visit the Lab, as project training involves offline employment of up to 40 hours per week. ERAM notes that 95% of graduates successfully pass the interview and join the company after 2-6 months of project work.

Requirements for participation:

1. English level test;
2. technical test;
3. Poll.

DataArt is another international company that develops software and takes care of student learning. During the existence of the internship program, more than 400 interns have become employees of the company.

What awaits the student?

Work with real projects and reward in the form of a scholarship.

Requirements for participation:

1. Senior students, as well as graduate and graduate students, who want a technical specialty, have the opportunity to join the internship, but 2. this is not a mandatory requirement;
3. spoken English (checked at the interview);
4. theoretical knowledge of the selected technology (tested).

Current internship programs are not covered on the site, to find out about them, you need to send a resume in any form to the company’s recruiter.

SoftServe – the company provides consulting services and works in the field of software development. She has founded her university since 2006 and has many interesting educational projects. Currently, students are being recruited using the following technologies: Rubi, DB Developer, Test Automation Engineer with Java, Golang Developer.

What awaits the student?

3 months of practical experience on a real project with the support of a mentor. Speaking English Club and online English courses. Access to additional courses for the opportunity to study at a comfortable pace. Interview with possible further employment for successful graduates.

Requirements for participation:

1. basic knowledge of the chosen technology;
2. English at Intermediate level and above;
3. successful passing of a technical test or correction of errors in the project code on GitHab (depending on the chosen direction);
4. opportunity to study 6-8 hours a day.

Don’t put off thinking about an internship if you’ve already thought about it, because the biggest growth is in crisis situations!

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