An engineering sample of the upcoming Google Pixel 7 smartphone has already appeared on eBay

Google has already announced the preparation of flagship smartphones Pixel 7, and promised to release them later this year. Work on new products is in full swing and even leaks occur. This is evidenced by the appearance on the site of eBay online auctions of an engineering sample Pixel 7.

The person who sells the Pixel 7 prototype has priced the device at a modest $510. For this price, the buyer will receive a smartphone with a 128 GB drive in Stormy Black. Judging by the published images, the device is fully functional.

The description says that the device is running Android 13 and is equipped with a set of proprietary applications. The IMEI of the device is not blacklisted, and the device itself is unlocked – it supports SIM cards of any operators.

Of course, the Pixel 7 prototype is unlikely to attract much attention. Since this is an engineering sample, if necessary, Google can remotely block it. In this case, the smartphone will turn into a “brick” and will be absolutely useless. At the same time, the appearance of a fully functional Pixel 7 on eBay may indicate that the development of a smartphone is nearing completion.

Curiously, upon closer examination of the images attached to the lot, you can see that the seller takes pictures of the Pixel 7 on the Pixel 7 Pro camera (this can be seen in the reflection on the smartphone body in one of the pictures). At the same time, a more productive model of the series was not noticed among the lots on eBay.

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