Named 5 popular smartphones of the first half of this year

The editors of the China-review website announced the names of the most purchased smartphones over the past six months. The top five along with a brief description of the advantages and the minimum retail price in UAH are presented below.

iPhone 11 (₴20 thousand)

The appearance on sale of the twelfth and thirteenth generations of “apple” devices did not lead to a drop in demand for the iconic “elevens”, which continue to be the most popular Apple smartphones in Ukraine.

The most significant advantages of the basic version of the iPhone 11, fans of the “apple” brand call a powerful processor, high autonomy and chic camera capabilities.

The main complaints about the model are not the largest memory (64 GB in the “younger” configuration) and the lack of a fast memory.

Galaxy S20 FE (₴18k)

Letters FE mean “Fan version” (eng. Fan Edition) of the super popular model the year before last. Fans of the South Korean brand praise almost everything in the smartphone, from design and heavy-duty housing to advanced features for accessing the Web.

According to users, the Galaxy S20 FE has no “cons”.

iPhone SE 2020 (₴14k)

The list of advantages of this model is approximately the same as that of the above iPhone 11. Among the additional advantages, users note a much lower price and the availability of wireless charging.

The list of shortcomings is limited by the lack of a night mode in the device’s camera.

MI 10 Ultra (₴20 thousand)

Fans of the Chinese brand Xiaomi praise the subtitled model for a really cool camera, a curved AMOLED matrix and fast charging (less than half an hour to 100%).

Of the shortcomings, note the gigantic size and lack of moisture protection.

Poco X3 NFC (₴7 thousand)

The price of this device is unbeatable. For a relatively small, by modern standards, money, buyers get a smartphone with a powerful gaming processor, large memory, an excellent screen and chic cameras.

The main disadvantages are massiveness, decent weight and a combi-tray.

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