Analyst: Cardano is a protective tool just like bitcoin

Well-known crypto-analyst and Twitter user under the nickname @ ADA-whale (whales are the owners of large sums that can affect the market rate of the coin) is convinced that in many respects the cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) is similar to bitcoin (VTS).

According to the analyst, bitcoin has become what it is today, due to its availability in the first years of its existence – this has allowed many to buy for a reasonable amount, which resulted in a huge number of holders in the future.

This, according to the “whale”, the similarity does not end there. Like bitcoin, Cardano has a limited issue – only ADA 45 billion. And 75% of them are already in circulation (for comparison: 19 million out of 21 possible in the PTS). The limited supply limit and the inability to print currency, as the creators of the Luna grief project did, also affect the price.

However, the analyst does not advise to invest in the coin now: “This is a bear market, so be prepared for long months of losses, if you still decide to buy now. I’m just trying to imagine the market in the long run. “

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