The head of Epic Games explained why you need a replacement for the standard app store in the iPhone

The head of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, said that the App Store, owned by Apple, should not exist in the current version, because it is a disservice to game and application developers.

It’s all about the commission that Apple takes from developers. Its size is 30%, which forces specialists to publish a low-quality, incomplete product in the app store. Developers are forced to reduce the cost of their applications, so users get a poor quality experience.
Regarding the App Store, Sweeney noted that it was “a strange scheme that should never have been created”. In his opinion, the current version of the Apple Store should have been canceled when the industry scaled.

Sweeney also said that the 30% commission is uncompetitive. Competitive fees are needed to change the situation. “Competition will bring these payment processing fees down from 30% to something very competitive. Up to about 2-3%, ”said the head of Epic Games.

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