Android will learn to eavesdrop on the user when he is sleeping

Google is working on a new feature that can be integrated into Pixel smartphones and the Android operating system. We are talking about a cough and snoring detector: appearing in a dream, they can act as symptoms of a health disorder. The innovation is indicated by the lines in the code, which were noticed in 9to5Google.

Apparently, Google is conducting a study called the Sleep Audio Collection exclusively among its permanent employees. Moreover, only those who sleep without the presence of an employee of any competing company nearby can participate in it.

Through the study, Google intends to obtain information that will help develop algorithms to capture snoring and coughing from the user. It is emphasized that all information will be stored locally and will not be transferred anywhere for processing in its raw form.

When the new feature will be introduced (and whether it will be implemented in principle), it is not specified.

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