The Russians have filed a class action lawsuit against Sony

Khoroshevsky District Court of Moscow registered a class action lawsuit against Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited from 28 plaintiffs. This was reported by the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

The Russians are demanding that they be given back the opportunity to buy games in the PlayStation Store. They also demand to compensate them for “moral damages” of 280 million rubles (about 130.5 million hryvnias).

Lawyers representing the plaintiffs note that the terms of use of PlayStation do not provide for the denial of services due to “domestic and foreign policies of the state of residence and residence of users.”

Thus, the disconnection of Russians from the services allegedly violates the rules of Sony and Russian legislation on consumer protection.

“Moral damage” of 10 million rubles per plaintiff is explained by the price of the game console – from 119,000 rubles, as stated in the statement.

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