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Journalists showed a copy of the request of the Foreign Ministry of Ukraine to the police with a request to verify the presence of Nevzorovs in the Interpol database.

Russian publicist Alexander Nevzorov allegedly applied for citizenship of Ukraine. This was announced by the Mash Telegram channel with reference to a copy of the document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine

If you were always in the know, a quick focus with the telegram channel.

Together with Alexander Nevzorov, his wife, Lidia Nevzorova, wanted to get a Ukrainian passport, says the National Police of Ukraine from the director of the Consular Service Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Roman Goryainov.
Nevzorov, Alexander Nevzorov, Nevzorov journalist, Oleksandr Nevzorov
A copy of the request of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine on the verification of the Nevzorovs

Ukrainian law enforcement officers must check the Nevzorovs for presence in the Interpol database.

The journalist himself and his wife have not yet commented on the fact of contacting the Ukrainian authorities to provide citizenship. The Foreign Ministry of Ukraine and the National Police did not provide comments.
Pursuit of Nevzorov in Russia

The authorities of the Russian Federation opened a case against journalist Alexander Nevzorov under an article on the spread of “fakes” about the actions of Russian invaders. Punishment under the article is a fine of 700 thousand rubles or more or imprisonment for a term of 3 to 15 years.

The trace of the Russian Federation believes that Nevzorov published “knowingly false” information about the bombing of the RF Armed Forces in Mariupol. After that, the publicist wrote a letter to the head of the investigator Alexander Bastrykin, in which he pointed to the signal to Russian journalists. In his opinion, the Kremlin regime is not going to spare anyone.

Nevzorov said that the Russian law on “fakes” contradicts the law on the media and the Constitution of the country, which enshrines the right to expression of opinion.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia subsequently put the publicist on the wanted list during his stay in Israel. The journalist considered that the declaration of the “fascist Putin regime” is “the highest order that you can dream of”.

In addition, the journalist noted that amazing people who are not related to Nazism serve in the ranks of the Azov regiment.

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