In Belarus, after the Russian Federation, they decided to legalize the gray import of goods and

In Belarus, following the Russian Federation against the backdrop of sanctions for aggression against Ukraine, gray import is legalized, the government’s press service was completely officially reported on Saturday, Russian Interfax reports.

“The decision on the development of a draft legislative act providing for the legalization of parallel import of goods, as well as the possibility of using software and other objects in the digital sphere without the permission of copyright holders, was adopted by the operational -indication headquarters under the Council of People’s Commissars,” the report said.

“This will be given the opportunity to import the original product not only by the copyright holders of the intellectual property or their official distributors, but also to any importers,” the press service said.

“The establishment of this temporary measure is aimed at preventing the deficit of imported goods and the saturation of the consumer market,” the Government of Belarus said.

Being a vassal of Russia in aggression against Ukraine, the regime of the self -proclaimed ruler of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko, like his overlord Putin, is cut off by sanctions from most manufacturers and suppliers of a high -tech product, whether it is software or microprocessors. Therefore, after Russia, Belarus allowed herself to buy in third countries what he could not produce herself, without permission for the copyright holder.

This somewhat resembles the times of the USSR of the 80s of the last century, when the technological lag of the Empire of Evil from the civilized world became colossal. Well, the collapse of the prices of oil in the mid -80s put an end to all the achievements of “developed socialism” – the USSR collapsed.

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