Billions of Facebook users have been warned to check account settings NOW— or you could be disabled

FACEBOOK is making a big change that could affect how you regain access to your account if you are ever banned.

The social network plans to end the trusted connection, an urgent feature that some friends or family members can help you get back.
Users received a notification on Thursday

This is especially useful if you have forgotten your password and your Facebook profile is linked to an old email address that you no longer have.

This feature is also important if you are attacked by hackers.

A warning was issued on Thursday, urging users to “review your security to avoid being locked out”.

The company warns people to make sure their email address and phone number are up to date before permanently terminating trusted contacts.

It is not clear when Facebook plans to discontinue the option.

Mark Zuckerberg’s website did not give a reason for removing the extra layer of security.

“Trusted contacts will soon disappear,” the agency said.

“This means that if you lose access to your account, your selected friends will no longer be able to help you get back on Facebook.

“Make sure your email address and phone number are up to date in your account settings.”

There are trusted contacts, more important than ever is to make sure your email address and contact number are correct.
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Verify yourself now by opening Settings and accessing personal and account information.

Choose contact information and you’ll see all your email addresses and phone numbers for Facebook.

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