did you Know? – Every iPhone has a SECRET ‘button click’ trick

Your iPhone has a hidden button gesture that can make your life a lot easier.

Even if you’ve owned an iPhone for years, you’ve never heard of it.
You can enable any of these features using the “Triple Click” iPhone trick

This is an Apple shortcut to accessibility preferences called “Triple Click”.

If you have an iPhone with Face ID, you can activate certain features by triple-clicking the side button.

If you have it on your iPhone, you can do it with the Home button.

You can set as many functions as you need with “Triple Click”.

Find that smart iPhone hackgo in Settings> Accessibility> Accessibility shortcuts.

Then select the desired function.

You can change the activation speed of clicks so that you do not accidentally click them.

The technique can be used to enable a zoom feature or to turn on the iPhone’s built-in magnifier camera.

And you can use it to turn on the voice control function, which allows you to use the iPhone hands-free.

This is a great way to access background noise.

This is a clever technique that helps you fall asleep by playing white sleep, rain or the sound of the sea.

Five click trick

The three-click strategy should not be confused with the same five-click trick যা which is a quick way to communicate with emergency services.

To enable this feature go to Settings> Emergency SOS.

Then press the side or top button five times to pull the emergency SOS slider.

Next, drag the emergency slider to start the call.
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The iPhone sends your current location to your emergency contacts and emergency services.

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