(Update) Google warns Three BILLION Chrome users to edit their app now in major alert

GOOGLE has released a new version of Chrome that fixes more than 30 bugs that hackers can exploit.

Chrome 102 rated one issue critical and eight issues high.
An error was classified as critical

The technology giant is silent about the full scope of the security system.

It’s pretty common, so people have plenty of time to install it to update – and not be instructed to cyber crook on a gold plate.

Many bugs were uncovered by external experts who continued digging for chrome vulnerabilities for financial rewards.

This means that the vast majority could have been found before hackers became aware.

Google said, “Access to error details and links may be restricted until most users are corrected.”

“While the bug still exists in third party libraries, we will maintain the limitations that other projects rely on in the same way but have not yet fixed it.

“We want to thank all the security researchers who have worked with us throughout the development cycle to ensure that security bugs do not reach stable channels.”

A total of 32 security fixes have been made.

However, the latest update is not a serious issue, there are some front-end feature adjustments.

Below that is a new keyboard strategy that lets you move Chrome tabs around.
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All you have to do is press CTRL and SHIFT and use the up and down keys to move the tab position.

Anyone presented can now control it from a separate tab.

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