I’m an Apple Magician- here’s an iPhone magic trick that will blow your friends’ minds

Your iPhone can do a magic trick that will amaze your friends.

This allows you to control the handset without touching it – just with your voice.

We’re not talking about Siri here, but about an Apple feature called Voice Control.

It is hidden in your accessibility settings for ease of use of iPhone and gadgets.

But with the right settings, you can do an amazing iPhone magic trick that is really useful: scrolling with your voice.

Tick ​​tock gadget genius @letsdodizwho was revealed by regularly sharing iPhone hacks.

His clip has already received thousands of likes, so it is proving to be popular.

Go to Settings> Accessibility> Voice Control, then flip the switch at the top position to the on position.

Now tap Customize Command and click Create New Command.

Next, name the word “swipe up”, then tap Action.

Click Edit Custom Gesture, then swipe up on the screen.

Save it and then select an application: such as TickTock.

Now save the command and then go to Ticket.

Then when you say your voice control command, you should swipe the screen and scroll through a video for yourself.

Tick ​​tock fans are fascinated by the results.

One wrote: “Thanks, I’ve been looking for this feature for a long time.”

Another says: “It works”

And one added: “Swiping left and right is good for Tinder.”

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