Communication problems in Kherson region: only the Internet from the occupied Crimea works

In the complete absence of Ukrainian mobile and Internet communication in the occupied territories of Kherson region, only the Internet from the occupied Crimea works, said the head of the Kherson OVA Gennady Laguta on the national telethon.

“Currently, there is only an Internet connection in Kherson through the Skynet provider, which the occupiers extended from the territory of the occupied Crimea,” the head of the OVA said.

According to Laguta, the problems with Ukrainian communication in the occupied territory of Kherson region began in the evening of May 30, and in the morning of May 31 he disappeared.
The State Special Communications Service does not rule out further attempts to connect Ukrainian users to Russian Internet networks and mobile operators, which are completely controlled by hostile special services.

Currently, due to the lack of Ukrainian mobile network and Internet in the occupied territories, as explained by the head of the OVA, electronic keys and banking do not work, there are problems with the payment of “all basic charges”.

On May 31, the State Special Communications Service stated that it would not be possible to restore communication in the Kherson region in the near future.

This is not the first attempt to deprive the residents of Kherson region of mobile communication. The State Special Communications Service reported on May 1 that mobile communications and the Internet had disappeared in Kherson and part of Zaporizhia oblasts. However, the connection was restored within a few days.

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