Microsoft Edge Drop will provide file sharing

Microsoft has tried several methods to make its Edge browser more attractive to users. There are several new features in development that are coming soon. One of these new features is called Drop.

This feature was first discovered by Neowin, which operates as a messaging service. Users can send and access anything from text, images or other documents on all their devices on which they are logged in. The screenshots provided show that it is located on the sidebar and will probably use OneDrive for storage.

This new feature will be very convenient for sharing files on different devices, for example, if they need to quickly send something from their mobile device to a PC or vice versa. However, to take full advantage of this feature, users will probably need to purchase a OneDrive storage plan.

Currently, this feature is only available to some Microsoft Edge Insiders members who use the latest version of the browser available on Canary.

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