DDR5 modules have become cheaper on the world market over the past six months

Although the price of next-generation DDR5 memory is still significantly higher than that of DDR4, they have dropped significantly in the last six months. The downward trend could be global: ComputerBase reports that the price of DDR5 is even lower in Europe and around € 5 per gigabyte of base kits. This was reported by Thomas Hardware Portal, which analyzes the offers of the largest American stores selling computer equipment – Newig and Amazon.

It is logical that low speed DDR5 modules are more affordable with higher time. In this case, 1 GB of memory would cost around $ 6-7 or $ 120-130 for a set of two modules with a total capacity of 16 GB. This is much lower than the price that the sellers wanted in commemoration of the new standard at the beginning of the sale. Cheaper kits than $ 500-1000 were not available at that time. Fortunately, manufacturers of DDR5 memory chips are optimizing their production, reducing the shortage of components, and it is only natural that modules of the new memory standard are starting to become cheaper. However, Tom’s hardware notes that low prices are observed not only in the United States but also in Europe.

In the United States, 16 GB DDR5 memory kits are available under the Crucial, Kingston and Patriot brands. Variants with 4800 MHz and CL40 timing can be purchased for -1 110-120. Faster kits with 5200-5600 MHz and CL40-CL36 timing can be purchased for -1 120-180. Kits with two 16 GB DDR5 RAM (total 32 GB) with 5200 to 5600 MHz frequency and time CL34-CL36 will be available for less than $ 250.

The CL32-CL36 will have to pay more than $ 300 for the opportunity to purchase faster modules with a frequency of 6000 MHz. It is still very expensive, but much cheaper than it was a few months ago. For example, in December last year, a set of RAM G. Skill Trident Z DDR5-6000 CL36 for 32 GB was offered for 4,000. In January, the price dropped to $ 800. And today, the same memory, with even less delay, will be available for “only” $ 380.

It is possible that before the release of the Ryzen 7000 processor, which will run exclusively on DDR5, memory modules will become cheaper.

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