Mobile application of Ukrainians got into the finals of the Apple Design Awards

WaterLallama mobile app to monitor users’ personal water balance has been shortlisted for the award.

In Waterlama, the amount of liquid drunk needs to be identified to fill the character. They are set lama by default. Functionality allows you to change heroes, turn challenges, choose drinks. Synchronization is available with Apple Health, notifications are configured on a mobile device and Apple Watch.

Waterlooma has 13 languages, including full Ukrainian localization.

Remember that earlier we wrote that the experts named the mobile program that the scammers like the most.

About Waterllama

  • WaterLallama is a drinking water reminder and tracker that allows users to monitor their water balance. Log your fluid intake and fill in the Lama letter in the app.
  • Users can change characters, select drinks, run challenges, and set up reminders on their mobile devices and Apple Watch. Synchronization is also available with Apple Health.
  • The app was created in 2019 by Ukrainian couple Vitalii and Polina Mogylevets.
  • Waterlama is available in 13 languages.

“We never dreamed of being presented at the Apple Design Awards. However, after regularly releasing new features and NPCs regularly in early May 2022, an Apple representative contacted us and said that they would send us a microphone and light for a high quality interview as Waterlama has reached the finals. After this call, we finally promised to finish a number of features for the Apple Watch. That’s how our dreamless month began, “explained Vitali Mogilevets.

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